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Know your best friend is under the care of a experienced professional dependable walkers. Taking pride  in keeping your home and pets safe and happy while you are working or out for you busy day away. 

Full background checked , licensed, bonded and insured.
Hire the best for your best furry friends!

Free Guides for your Adopted Dog !


Your Adopted Dog-The Honeymoon

My guide "Two Weeks-give'em a Break" will start your newly adopted dog and your family on a good positive start. We call the first weeks a Honeymoon, and our guide explains why!


Not rushing your new dog

Stacie's guides will help create a stronger and safer bond with your family and your new pet.

And a safer start to multi pet homes!
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Stacie's Experience with Bully breeds

Pit Bulls n more Pit Bulls


I have been actively fostering, owning, helping and working with pit bulls and pit bull mixes for over 12 years.  I understand the energy and the fun these dogs can bring to a home.  Like all terrier breeds pit bulls can range from couch potatoes to energy of no stopping. If you are having issues with your bully breed, schedule Stacie for a drop in !  



Who am I ?


About me, Stacie!

I have over 30 years of pet ownership and experience . From cats, ferrets, reptiles, dogs, rats , bunnies and various small animals. I also have worked with wild animal re-hab and have had experience in the extreme and specific meals of exotic and wild animals. 

My experience with dogs is as diverse. I have experience in dog aggression, escapees , dog reactivity, bully and large breeds, strong, submissive, and small dogs too! 

Working with a master trainer for 4 years focusing on problem behaviors and how to diffuse and work with such things as the dog aggression and separation anxiety. There isn't much that can rattle me with dogs . This training allowed me to be able to take in foster dogs and apply this training in real time. Taking in dogs that needed special time or training .  I loved doing foster dogs and the reward as that smiling face left with its new family was a fantastic feeling.

Now I am onto new ventures with my passion. Of in home care and in home training  and acclamation of new pets into a home. 

I was employed at a boarding and doggy day care in the evenings and weekends, going thru yet another training from the Dog Gurus on dog behaviors and pack play.
And am very excited to be starting my own in home care and dog walking business!  
After working in a busy doggy day care , I cannot stress enough that dogs can benefit from in home dog care. Dog play groups need YOU , dropping your dog off may send home a tired and possibly very stressed dog learning bad habits without  you.  Need care for your day, hire an experienced handler to visit your pet in its comfort zone, HOME ! 

I myself, have20 years plus of experience , training and in general listening to and working with the human and pet bond all comes with me to your home now add an entire team with Pet Agree !